Hotel management and services.


Hotel management and services.

THG Management offers a range of services aimed at managing the operational activities of hotel properties.Our goal is to maximise revenues and minimise expenses, using a single approach to monitor performance, providing in-depth analysis and reporting across all operational areas.

Project Management

360° projects, for the best possible performance

THG Management offers a range of services aimed at managing the operational activities of hotel properties.Our goal is to maximise revenues and minimise expenses, using a single approach to monitor performance, providing in-depth analysis and reporting across all operational areas.

We are aware that one of the biggest challenges for operators is to simplify operations. Our experts at the THG Management help properties manage all aspects of the traditional hotel business, as well as Food & Beverage and Wellness & Spa operations.

Photo: Maurizio Migliardi (CEO)

Communication and Marketing

Brand Promotion and Positioning

Our marketing and communication experts handle all aspects of communication and promotion for the establishments we manage.

  • Developing the marketing strategy and brand positioning;
  • Creating marketing campaigns in close contact with hospitality professionals;
  • Contacts with local, national and foreign press and public relations campaigns, both online and offline, to ensure that our property portfolio receives maximum visibility through press channels and electronic media and in trade and non-trade publications;
  • Identifying and managing the press agency and public relations;
  • Supporting the various Business Units in the creation of all communication materials on all media;
  • Creating text and visual content and managing Social Media.
Digital Marketing

Online visibility, promotion and distribution

Our Digital Marketing experts are tasked with supporting the design of the digital marketing strategy, maximising revenues through online channels and measuring the results through the reference KPIs.

  • Strategic and operational management of websites and respective e-commerce functions
  • Optimising the online positioning;
  • Planning, implementation and measurement of digital campaigns;
  • Management of online distribution;
  • Strategic support in the area of online pricing management;
  • Management of relevant social media presence;
  • Identifying new trends in the digital world;
  • Identifying and managing technology suppliers and partners.
Revenue Management

Analysis, reporting and coordination

Our Revenue Management experts manage the pricing strategies of establishments, ensuring their correct market positioning.

  • Defining the annual pricing strategy;
  • Daily reporting and KPI analysis;
  • Updating and maintaining planning and forecasting tools;
  • Daily coordination with hotel operation teams;
  • Supporting the establishment of sales strategies in accordance with the annual pricing strategy defined;

Sales and Business Development

Our professionals develop sales in new potential markets and optimise established ones.

  • Analysis, planning and development of sales activities;
  • Commercial strategy in Switzerland and abroad;
  • Contracting and management of relations with Tour Operators, Wholesalers, OTAs and Corporate Travel;
  • Supporting the Travel Trade and Affiliations;
  • Searching for new opportunities and sales channels;
  • Identifying and attending fairs, workshops, roadshows in Switzerland and abroad.

Accounting, Finance & Control

Accounting management and financial planning

Our administration, finance and control experts deal with the corporate, accounting and financial aspects of the hotel business as a whole, and the related property management activities, and are particularly specialised in the following areas:

  • Drawing up the statutory and management accounts, working with all the sectors and departments of the hotel;
  • Planning of financial flows;
  • Drawing up management reports and developing and coordinating Budgeting and Forecasting activities;
  • Analysing investments and managing bank accounts


Cost analysis and optimisation

Our professionals define purchasing strategies, negotiate goods prices with suppliers, manage procurement processes, analyse and optimise costs.

Contracts with national and international suppliers allow us to obtain quality goods and services at the best price.

Our experts are supported by the SAP Business One ERP, our main work tool, for both budgeting and issuing orders.The trends in prices and purchase costs for the company are monitored using the Board business intelligence software.


Information Technology

Our Information Technology experts deal with the technological needs of the group’s various business units and departments, with the aim of delivering technological solutions to improve activities while simplifying the user experience:

  • Ensuring the overall governance of ICT services, the effectiveness and efficiency of management systems, applications, ICT infrastructure and services provided;
  • Creating bespoke Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions for the development of internal reporting aimed at evaluating efficiency, sales analysis, budgeting and forecasting, planning;
  • Organising and managing the flow of information aimed at analysing and defining business processes;
  • Identifying and rationalising user requirements.
Human Resources

Personnel management

Our HR professionals support human resource management in the various Business Units, aligning company policies with the needs of employees:

  • Managing staff-related administrative, bureaucratic and advisory activities
  • Providing support during the assessment and planning of training activities
  • Assessing performance and remuneration plans
  • Managing the various stages of recruitment
  • Verifying the efficiency of the organisation system and application of corporate regulations.

Technical Service

Control, management and consultancy

Our professionals take care of all the technical aspects of the hotel business and the related property management activities.

  • Planning and control of the maintenance of buildings and facilities with assistance from internal and external technicians and management;
  • Management of the bureaucratic and authorisation aspects of construction and services;
  • Performance of feasibility studies for investments and contracting suppliers; Management and coordination of unscheduled technical activities.